Product Line-up
3,000lb to 4,000lb Capacity Cushion Electric
4,500lb to 10,000lb Capacity Electric
4,000lb to 6,500lb Capacity Pnuematic Electric
4,000lb to 6,500lb Capacity Cushion Electric
3,000lb to 3,500lb Capacity Pnuematic Electric
3,000lb to 4,000lb Capacity 4-wheel Electric
3,000lb to 4,000lb Capacity 3-wheel Electric
2,000lb to 3,200lb Capacity 3-wheel Electric
11,000lb to 20,000lb Capacity Pnuematic IC
8,000lb to 12,000lb Capacity Pnuematic IC
3,000lb to 4,000lb Capacity Pnuematic IC
3,000lb to 6,500lb Capacity Cushion IC
3,000lb to 6,500lb Capacity Cushion IC
4,000lb to 7,000lb Capacity Pnuematic IC
We are proud to feature the full line of lift trucks from Doosan Infracore America. Doosan is the largest Korean manufactured lift truck. They offer a full-line of internal combustion LP gas, regular gasoline, and diesel in capacity ranging from 3,000 to 36,000 pounds. Most capacites available with cushion tires or pnuematic tires, in a variety of arrangements. They also offer electric powered lift trucks in 3,000 to 10,000 pound capacity in 3 and 4 wheel sit-down variations. Also available with cushion or pnuematics, Doosan and Anderson Forklift Supply, Inc. is sure to find the forklift configuration that best suits your needs. With Doosan's industry leading Oil Cooled Disc Brakes, rest assured that changing brake shoes and linings are a
thing of the past. Available standard on most models and available as an option for others.
With other great features, financing and lease options , also new truck stock
in the U.S. with fast delivery, consider Doosan as your next new truck fleet.
Check out the models below, click on the lift to download the brochure for
that model lift. Please feel free to contact the sales team for more information.
D15S / D18S-5 & D20SC-5
G15S / G18S-5 & G20SC-5
3,000lb(1,500kg) 3,500lb(1,750kg)
Diesel, LP, Gas , Pneumatic Tire
D20S / D25S / D30S / D33S-5 & D35C-5
G20E / G25E / G30E-5
G20P / G25P / G30P / G33P-5 & G35C-5
4,000lb(2,000kg) 5,000lb(2,500kg)
6,000lb(3,000kg) 6,500lb(3,250kg)
Diesel, LP, Gas , Pneumatic Tire
GC15S/GC18S-5 & GC20SC-5
3,000lb(1,500kg) 3,500lb(1,750kg) ,
Cushion Tire
4,000lb(2,000Kg) 5,000lb(2,500kg) ,
6,000lb(3000kg) 6,500lb(3000kg)
Cushion Tire
7,000lb to 12,000lb Capacity Cushion IC
GC35S / GC40S / GC45S-5
GC50C / GC55C-5
7,000lb(3,500kg) 8,000lb(4,000kg)
9,000lb(4,500kg ) 10,000lb(5,000kg)
Cushion Tire
D35S / D40S / D45S-5 & D50C / D55C-5
G35S /G40S / G45S-5 & G50C / G55C-5
8,000lb(3,500kg) 9,000lb(4,000kg)
10,000lb(4,500kg ) 11,000lb(5,000kg)
Pneumatic Tire
G50S / G60S / G70S-5
11,000lb(5,000kg) 13,500lb(6,000kg)
LP Gas ; Pneumatic Tire
D50S / D60S / D70S-5 & D80S / D90S-5
11,000lb(5,000kg) 13,500lb(6,000kg) 15,500lb(7,000kg)
17,500lb(8,000kg) 20,000lb(9,000kg)
Diesel ; Pneumatic Tire
25,000lb to 36,000lb Capacity Pnuematic IC
D110 / 130 / 160S-5
25,000lb , 29,000lb , 36,000 lb
Diesel , Pneumatic Tire
B10R-5 / B13R-5 / B15R-5 / B16R-5
2,000lb to 3,200lb Capacity
24VOLT AC Powered
Pneumatic & Solid Tire
B15T / B18T / B20T - 5
3,000 - 4,000lb 3 Wheel
AC Drive and Hydraulics
B16X / B18X / B20X - 5
3,000 - 4,000lb 4 Wheel
AC Drive and Hydraulics
B15S / B18S-5
3,000lb(1,500kg) to 3,500lb(1,750kg) Capacity
48 VOLT AC Drive and Hydraulics
Pneumatic Tire
BC15S / BC18S-5 / BC20SC-5
3,000lb(1,500kg) to 4,000lb(2,000kg) Capacity
36/48 VOLT AC Drive and Hydraulics
Cushion Tire
4,000lb, 5,000lb, 6,000lb, 6,500lb.
36/48 VOLT
Cushion Tire
4,000lb, 5,000lb, 6,000lb, 6,500lb.
Pnuematic Tire
B22X / B25X/ B30X/ B35X/ B40X / B45X / B50X-5
4,500lb to 10,000lb Capacity
80 VOLT AC Powered
Solid Soft Rider Tire and Pneumatic Tire

Oil Cooled Disc Brake
4,000lb to 6,000lb Capacity Pnuematic IC
G20G / G25G / G30G
4,000lb 5,000lb 6,000lb
LPG, Pneumatic Tire
D20G / D25G / D30G
4,000lb 5,000lb 6,000lb
Diesel, Pneumatic Tire
Click on any lift truck below to download the product brochure for that model.
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